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We carry a wide selection of pistols be it concealed carry, range fun or a wheel gun.   From some of the best in the industry Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, SCCY, ect. We are now an authorized GLOCK dealer. 



We inventory a great selection of rifles from mild to wild. We carry some of he best in the industry from Ruger, Savage, Remington, Winchester, Weatherby, Tikka, ect. From budget friendly to beautiful custom stocks or engraving. Let us know what you are looking for.


Long Range

With gaining popularity of long range shooting, we try to offer options for people looking to “reach out and touch something”. Be it having a custom build by a great local builder or ordering you your dream gun in. Come in and lets talk about what you are looking to do, we will find you the perfect caliber and setup. 



We inventory a wide range of shotguns be in a pump, semi auto or over/under. We carry some of the best in the industry from Remington, Winchester, Bennelli, Weatherby, Browning, Etc.



We are avid reloaders and try to stock what people want and need. We have lots of powders, bullets and primers!



We carry a wide range of ammo in a lot of the popular calibers, but try to keep something for the less than normal calibers also. If we don’t have it, we will find it for you. From plinking, deer hunting, trap shooting, or elk hunting we will match the right ammo for your next adventure. 


Optics & Rings

We carry a wide range of Leopold and Vortex. We have rings and bases to make your next mounting project a breeze, or bring in the firearm and we can take care of everything for you. 

WE Buy, Sell, and consign good used Guns at fair prices